How to buy Gems? – Important points to remember


So, you have made up your mind, and are all set to buy that gemstone, which you have been planning lately. But before you go ahead and splurge on that beautiful precious gem stone, there are things which you should take care of:


Every particular precious gem is special in itself, with its specific characteristics. You should be well acquainted with the gem stone’s key traits, which basically constitute of:

  • BEAUTY: The visual aspect: color, brightness, luster and clarity. The look and the feel of the stone, which makes you, feel beautiful and special.
  • RARITY: A precious gemstone is indeed nature’s miracle. Depending on its exclusivity, its price is determined.
  • DURABILITY: It has to be transmittable, inheritable. Consequently it is very important that you know key aspects of the stone .i.e. the hardness, the exfoliation and the resistance to certain processes or products.
  1. RARITY: If you want to own a gem that few people have or if it is recommended to you, you will have to understand its rarity, which directly links with its quality. Some of the rarest gemstones in world are Blue-purple stone, Taaffeite, Black Opal, Benitoite etc.

Surely a significant parameter of the price and the property of the gemstones, hardness is among the premium feature of the stone in comparison to the others.  Air contains particles of silica, with Mohs scale hardness of 7 . Any stone with lower hardness than 7 will have the chance to become scratched on surface or chipped in the edges. Brightness is also directly associated.


An essential aspect of the gem is to understand the main use. One should be very clear with the exact use of the gem, which he/she is planning to buy. Wrong implementation of gemstones can make bad impacts on you.

  1. INVESTMENT: Different stones come with their different resell values.
  2.  WEIGHT: The most common & widely used unit for gems is Ratti. It is comparatively way lighter than the Carat. (See our blog Diff. b/w Ratti & Carat).
  3.  COLOR: Color of the gemstone determines its essential characteristics. When it comes to the stones like ruby, one has to be really knowledgeable, to understand the relation of the color intensity with its powers. You have to test gems with different types of light.
  4. Cut & Clarity:

Natural origin of gems reminds us that, in the formation process, gems are not alone. Sometimes the presence of inclusions leads to gems look even nicer. But sometimes these inclusions play down transparency and beauty with no extra-benefit. Quality in cut affects in gem beauty. Deep pavilion makes a loss in the brightness and you can get what we called “fish eyed”. Since XVI century we can find faceted gems. It stands out the beauty of a mineral or material.

    At present, usually all gems have imitators or the substitutes. For example, Ruby (Manik) substitute is a red piece of glass, Emerald (Panna) substitute is a green tourmaline. Cubic Zirconia is also an excellent example. These substitutes has different effects than original gemstones.
  2. ALWAYS ASK FOR THE LABELS: Always ask for the gem “label”. Gems have to be sold with their certificates where you could see exactly what are you buying. At Gemsvidhi, we provide only certified and natural gemstones.
How to buy Gems? – Important points to remember
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